"Hierophant, a story of a girl lost in the world of demons, is full of excitement and never ending thrill. It leaves you at the edge of your seat the whole way through. Author, Heather Licano, has brought a great new book into the amazing world of supernatural stories. It is a must read." 


Hierophant by Heather Licano is a great inaugural story in the Tarot Trilogy. It is a magical and paranormal journey, which is different than other books I have read in this genre. 

It introduces us to a strong main character, in Gabriella Hayden. Gabbi has a mysterious past, which she visits in her dreams, and these memories come back to her a little bit at a time. Her profession as a demon hunter is closely connected to her past, and to her search to find out what happened to her parents and avenge them. She is very easy to relate to, and I enjoyed the author's use of humor to make readers feel allied with her in her pursuits. 

The author does a good job of introducing a few intriguing new characters throughout the story, and especially near the end, that we feel will certainly appear in the second and third installments of the saga. Her descriptions are very vivid, and make you feel as if you yourself are a participant in the story. I even thought that the town of Clyde sounded like a great place to visit, if only it weren't for all of the demons!

I can't wait to find out what adventures await Gabriella in the next two books!


I enjoyed Hierophant. Gabriella Hayden is a quirky, enjoyable character. The dreams that are found throughout the book are a nice touch and reveal more details about Gabbi. This book is a good read if you are into occult action fiction and will keep you entertained from start to finish.


In Hierophant by Heather Licano, Gabriella ‘Gabbi’ Hayden is a witch and a hired demon assassin. She receives a request from a priest who runs a parish in Clyde, California, claiming that they are experiencing horrible demonic incidents. A girl was tortured to death and he worries that the town is in great danger. The manner of death piques Gabriella’s interest as it reminds her of the death of her parents. As she arrives in the small town, where everybody knows everybody, she realizes that there’s more to the case, and it threatens humanity itself. 

I like the premise, and the world-building is a familiar one for the genre. The story starts with Gabbi in the middle of a hunt. We see her dynamism as a hired demon assassin, or HDA, as she baits her targets into a fight that they lose. One of them states how she doesn’t realize her own ‘true form’ before his demise. It’s a great way to instill intrigue right away for readers. As the story moves on, we learn more about her gift, her family tragedy that led her to became a hunter, and that her dreams are clues to her true origin. Some parts of the narrative are more ‘tell rather than show’. That said, the plot pace overall is satisfactory. 

Gabbi is not quite the stoic protagonist that I expected her to be. She has her adolescent moments. On the other hand, it gives her a quirky persona for one that hunts demons for a living. Her fellow HDAs, Jessie and Danny, add more humor and camaraderie aspects to an otherwise gory supernatural tale. All in all, it's an eccentric but enjoyable supernatural fiction from Licano.


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