Seeing the Unseen

Her lifeless eyes stared up at me from the operation table; the smell of embalming fluid and rotting flesh perfumed the air.

This chapter starts off pretty gory. I tried to capture the horror that this victim and Gabriellas parents had experienced, so that we could understand why she was so willing to risk everything to find the demon responsible.

I also tried to include a little morbid humor to make light of a very dark situation. The coroner likes to joke, but he also shares that he doesn't completely trust Father Thomas. He has no tangible reason, except for his actions. Harold is a skeptic of the supernatural and demons, though most everyone in town seems to accept that they exist in some shape.

The blue veined tattoos found on Ms. Humphrey are relevant as they indicate that she was genetically modified. Most humans do not glow in the dark, alive or dead, and after they have been drained of all of their blood.

Harold also explains that the marks on her wrists and ankles look like she was restrained to an old hospital bed with leather straps. He proceeds to explain that all the old equipment from the first hospital was lost or donated. That is when Gabbi learns that the hospital as well as most of the town was built on Fremont money and the entire hospital was rebuilt with new equipment.

Gabbi invites Harold to dinner to learn more about the towns secrets. Toss a Pasta was one of my favorite parts to write and was based off of Piazza Navona Art Gallery & Cafe

in Manitou Springs. There is a hidden cafe in the back, where you can order a real Italian Soda. If you are familiar with Manitou, you know that there is a river that runs through the town and the hidden cafe overlooks the calm river. The above is a picture of the art that the owner painted because he and his wife loved Venice so much and wanted to bring part of it home. Alessandro tells a similar story about his restaurant, Toss a Pasta, down to the Italian soda!

As Gabbi and Harold wait for their food, Harold tells Gabbi about the towns history. Dr. Fremont had been experimenting on patients, diagnosing them as clinically insane, even if they weren't, and performing tests on them in the middle of the night in his secret lab in the basement of the hospital. Too many people had been committed and it caused an investigation. What they uncovered was far worse than they could have imagined.

Gabbi learns that Dr. Fremonts son, Terry Fremont, had the new hospital rebuilt quickly and had a memorial built over the old asylum to honor the lost family of the town, excluding his fathers name. He was elected Sheriff soon after. His son, Johnathon Fremont went on to become the towns Mayor, who brought tourism to the town and financed it. Then he had the Sacred Blood Catholic Church built where the old asylum once stood. His son, Thomas Fremont was to run the parish and after hearing his sermons the town couldn't argue. Father Thomas has been running the parish ever since. Until next week.


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