Sacred Blood

Good morning Readers! Today I am going to tell you a little about Hierophant: Tarot Trilogy, Chapter 2 - Sacred Blood. DNA ended with a very strange dream, leading us into the next chapter. Gabbi keeps a dream journal because after her parents were murdered, that is what her psychologist suggests. She tells us in the beginning that her dreams have been prophetic at times and make no sense at other times. Then she gets dressed. I felt it important to explain her wardrobe here so that we know what she is armed with on a daily basis.

The main things that I wanted to highlight were the powders. She has a green vanishing powder to remove blood, because that is essential as a female HDA with limited resources. It also keeps her off the grid for law enforcement. Dissolvent powder disposes of demon remains when lit on fire. This is another magical concoction, which ends up saving her life often as well as getting rid of those pesky remains. The third powder is called a demon revealer. She doesn't describe it here, but it is used at the entrances of a room, like salt, but glows green if the intruder is a demon. It is like an alarm. If it is mixed with holy water it reveals the strongest of demons as well. Most demons don't like holy water, but have a tolerance for it since it is so well known. This magical potion enhances the water and is really helpful to those who can't see demons for what they are.

She orders a large breakfast and explains that she would prefer to enjoy the greasy, starch breakfast over what is considered healthier options, as that was how she was raised. She is also courteous to the staff, by cleaning up after herself and tipping. This shows that she has manors and ethical standards. She also declines the receipt to save paper, telling us that she tries to be environmentally conscious. Energy drinks are a guilty pleasure of hers. On her drive to Clyde, California, she reminisces about her child psychiatrist and how she started her journey as an HDA. Fedora Man, AKA Dimitri, became her trainer. Her mentors try to convince Gabbi not to go on her vendetta, as she had more to learn. They know who she is and her destiny, but she was too stubborn to realize it.

Clyde, California

Fun fact about the author - I love Main Streets. One of my favorite things to do is go on long drives around my state and drive through the small towns and Main Streets. They are all similar, but completely different. Sometimes we even stop in and grab a bite to eat at a local brewery or check out the independent stores. They all have their own charm. I tell you this because that is what I was envisioning when I wrote the town of Clyde. The main town consists of a main street that sits on the shore of a lake. The shops were really fun to create! A few of my favorites are the Chubby Grubby, the grocery store with a basket of fruits and veggies for the sign, all locally grown of course. Through the Looking Glass was the name of the local bookstore, because when you read a good story, you leave your world behind and visit another. Sinful Delights was the bakery, need I say more? Each name was thought out to be slightly humorous and fun.

The biggest building in town is The Sacred Blood Catholic Church, indicating that the town cared about their faith and that there was money where the church was concerned. This isn't the church described in the book, but the size and shape is close to accurate. The Sacred Blood Catholic Church sits on a hill and is surrounded by gardens. It was important to me that I describe Father Thomas as accurately as I could, with his white robes and green vestment. As Gabbi visits his office, she notices that he has world books, they are not all of one religion and some aren't religious at all. This shows that Father Thomas has layers. Gabbi takes notes on the incidents that have been occurring and what she is there to investigate. What he describes all sound like your everyday events, until he describes the tattoo on the locals. When he draws it for her she recognizes it immediately as the tattoo that marked both of her parents. She takes the case and leaves quickly after, not feeling well. Outside the church, she meets the kind Elizabeth Fadein, who gives her a cookie and calms her nerves. This act of kindness was appreciated and remembered. As she is leaving she is almost hit by a large truck, which is mildly important and will come up near the end of the story. Her investigation leads her to Clyde Mortuary to investigate the death of Miss Evelyn Humphrey. Until next week.


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