It's Been a While

Hello. It's Heather here. Yes, Heather Licano, author of Hierophant: Tarot Trilogy.

It’s been a while since my last blog. Today, I was reminded of why I started writing and the dreams that I still have for the Tarot Trilogy. Life is a tidal wave. It's a thrill to ride, but if your not careful you can get pulled under. I've gotten carried away with the tidal wave of life, but I have finally resurfaced. I hope that you will join me on this epic journey. I promised blogs about Hierophant and the second book, Judgement. I am going to start with Chapter One DNA and give you behind the scenes of what I was thinking and hidden facts about each chapter, even the ones I hope go unnoticed.☺️ I think you've all waited long enough. Let's dive in!

Chapter 1 - DNA

The first chapter of Hierophant is loaded with all kinds of fun facts. The first paragraph for example is describing a piece of art work by a friend of mine, Gary Grossman, AKA Boogeyman. "Her distorted face, half human, half monster stared down at me. The right side of her face and body was that a beautiful girl, with her long black hair draped over her naked shoulder. Beauty was met with horror as her left side became contorted, morphing her long black hair into a bald head with black wisps for hair. Her human eye was reflected by a satanic one, as were her scabbed nose and her mouth, which faded into tiny pointed fangs that oozed with saliva. The left side of her naked body had been warped into a hairy skeleton of what once was.

This is the piece of artwork that I had been taken with at an art show. It is titled The Fragile. I liked it so much because it captured what I had imagined Dr. Fremonts creations resembling. Gary gifted the original to me, so I get to share it with all of you too!

DNA Lounge, with its dark gray walls and chandeliers that radiated a red glow creating a romantic ambiance with a single red rose on each table. This was loosely based off of the Zodiac, a local bar and venue that my husbands band, Crowley Kids, used to play at when we were younger. We also had a pretty cool art show with lots of friends. This poster represents that night. Ironically, the artwork was also done by Gary. The three symbols represented each band member at the time. Even the back patio where Gabriella meets her three targets is based off of the Zodiacs patio.

Another fun fact, most of my demons are based off of rare, deadly, or poisonous animals or creatures. It was fun researching them and applying them to deadly demons!

I don't know how many of you noticed, but there are small hints through out the book indicating that Gabriella has a much bigger destiny than she is aware of. The first clue is when she is about to fight the vampire, Phillip. He asks her to walk away because he sees something in her, something unique. Before he dies he tells her that she is a relic and he is honored to die by her hand. Though Phillips part was short, I tried to capture that he was very old and wise. He was a strong vampire, but he could see things beyond.

This isn't an electric blue Camaro Convertible, but it was the closest that I could find in my available pictures. I didn't give a year on purpose. I thought it would be more fun to let your imagination pick the style of the car. I picked a Camaro because is has a large trunk. I go into great detail about Gabbi's closet on wheels with keypads. It was really important to me that I find a way that a female HDA, Hired Demon Assassin, would be able to live, realistically, on the road. She has to dress for different undercover operations and has to have somewhere to store her clothes, shoes, weapons, etc.

The next part of the chapter tells you about Gabriellas childhood, how she could see demons from a young age, that not all demons are bad, her first encounters with Fedora Man, and how she ultimately became an HDA. I felt that getting to know who Gabbi was right away was important so that you would want to stand behind her as she embarks on her journey. 

As the chapter comes to an end, you learn that Gabbi has a facebook business that helps her to discover new clients and stay employed, which is important to her as she is trying to find a lead on the demon responsible for her parents death. Gabriella is also a practicing witch. She reads her tarot cards before bed, which gives a good indication of what is about to happen throughout the novel. As she sleeps she dreams about a little girl who is running for her life and with the help of a fairy, manages to escape. What is the meaning of the dream and why did the little girl reusable her so much?

Until next week!


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