Gabriella Hayden is a Strong Female MC

I have been asked what is it that sets my book apart from others? I would say that it is Gabriella Hayden because she is a strong female main character. She is a sassy witch that doesn't take crap from anyone. She does have trust issues, but who can blame her after the life that she has lived? I feel that she is an inspiration to adults and young adults because she represents the confidence, strength and integrity that all women should feel.

Her full time job as an HDA, Hired Demon Assassin, takes her all over the world. She is willing to kill any evil demons for a paycheck, but her true goal is to find out who had her parents killed. She had a normal childhood and loved her parents. I feel that her determination to avenge them shows great family values, in a way.

She has no qualms about going on the road and hunting demons on her own. She stays at hotels, dines, drives, shops, and investigates on her own. She doesn’t need anyone to make her feel worthy. She couldn’t care less what people or demons think of her. This is one of her greatest strengths and sadly a weakness too.

It is a lonely life being so strong and independent. She must learn to trust and work with other HDA’s near the end of Hierophant: Tarot Trilogy. She learns that she can be independent, but also have comrades and work as a team.

She doesn’t trust easily, but once you earn her trust, she is very loyal. She is also honest, so don’t ask her opinion unless you want to hear the truth. I feel that her blatant honesty also adds a little humor to the book.


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