Exclusive first look! Who is Gabriella Hayden?

Welcome to my very first blog! I am excited to share with you some sneak peeks into Hierophant, the first book in the Tarot Trilogy. 

Gabriella Hayden is the heroine of this series. We find out quickly that Gabbi is what’s known as an HDA, Hired Demon Assassin, and is very good at her job. But how did she become a demon assassin? What made her choose such a violent career? 

 Gabbi has always been able to see things that don’t belong in this world.

She is honest with her parents, but they insist that what she sees is in her imagination.

As she gets older she secretly wonders if she belongs in this world as she never seems to fit in either, except when she is hanging out with her demon friend.

 Gabbi learns not to bring up the unnatural things that she knows exist to her parents, even when she is attacked by a spider demon in her own home.

Unfortunately, her destiny catches up with her when she is seventeen and she is forced to watch her parent be tortured to death in front of her. She is tortured briefly too, but is rescued by the very same man who saved her from the spider demon.

Gabbi is forced to wonder whether she was adopted, since the demons who executed her parents did so under the pretense that she was a princess and daughter to the King of a land called Bahāra.

Now with a vendetta towards demons, especially the one responsible for her parents murders, Gabriella sets out to assassinate as many demons as possible, while getting paid, in the hopes that she will eventually find the son of a bitch responsible for tearing her life apart.


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