As a child, Heather was the kid in school that was alway entertaining a daydream. Those daydreams would later be placed on paper and become the beginning of a love affair with writing. Figuring out life at a young age, Heather worked her way up in the business world, often using her writing as a tool to move forward. Through hard work and perseverance she is now a full time Author, mother, and DIY creator. Hierophant, the first book in the Tarot Trilogy.

Heather is currently writing the second book in the Tarot Trilogy, Judgement and hopes to release it by 2020. Now that Hierophant has been released, she plans on blogging inside information about the characters in the book. Subscribe to her email list to be the first to see these blogs. She will also post information about upcoming events and book signings. Thank you all for your support and I hope that you enjoy Hierophant!

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